If you want to increase your site’s performance on Google, you have to use SEO effectively. SEO requires a set implementation schedule in order for each task to capitalise on the last. For example you want to perform on-page SEO after keyword and competitor research to actually know what and how you want to implement key on-page elements within your strategy.

To achieve this, a webmaster must have a clear goal at the start of their campaign in order to plan and navigate their way through a successful SEO strategy. Below, we discuss how to use SEO Gold Coast for maximum results.

How to Use SEO for Maximum Results

1. Use keywords wisely

You must be able to select keywords that will rank high in search engine and use them wisely throughout the entire content

2. Include keywords in your heading and titles

Visitors search for information by typing in the keywords of what they are looking for on search engines. When results pop up, they click on the headlines with the keywords they are interested in. Having keywords in your headlines increases traffic to your site.

3. Write attractive headlines

You must be able to craft catchy headlines that will prompt visitors to proceed to your content

4. Publish good content

No matter how good your headlines are, if your content doesn’t meet your visitor’s expectations and needs, they are going to click out. This will affect the SEO rankings and results.

5. Update your site regularly

Sites that keep up with the latest trends and are up to date ranks higher.

6. Write long-form content

Research shows that search results of first pages are always long-form content, at least 1,890 words. Always produce fresh, long-form content to obtain maximum results from SEO.

7. Improve your user experience [UX]

This is what the visitor experiences in your site. To improve user experience, make sure that;

– your site loads fast
– you create useful content
– minimize ads, etc.

8. Optimise images

Create smaller, fast-loading images. Get creative and even name these images with the main keywords whenever possible.

9. Use SEO tools

to improve overall site performance

10. Use backlinks

To improve your site’s trust and credibility


SEO is like art, simple and difficult at the same time. But beautiful once you master it.