Autohome is a Corporation Recognized round the world, for being the pioneer in designing, manufacturing and promoting exactly the best Roof tent (Dachzelt), supporting the concept of hiking, camping in different areas, which include its own esteemed adventurer clients and lovers of the outdoors.

This firm is currently really for 50 decades, it has been specialized in fabricating the most useful tents or usable tents on the roofing of your vehicle or automobile, with the intention of camping reliably and safely, and that they have been comfy lounges, an easy task to really like and of course material of high quality.

That Is Precisely Why Autohome Lets you travel with one of its best products, the Roof tent(DACHZELT ), which it manufactures and boosts using modern layouts adapted to the taste, ability, and measurement which its customers demand.

All couches and tents Have been examined, depending on their strengths, toughness and quality of stuff, so the manufacturers with the corporation guarantee 100% quality of their merchandise, texture liberated and ask your arrangement with all the very best Roof tent (Dachzelt), that includes Autohome at your disposal.

These Forms of Roof Retailer (Dachzelt), are watertight to Cold or warm, are adaptable to every climate, so which implies you to camp together with peace of mind, you may use it as a sanctuary when you want it.

These chairs are not Only sold globally, but certainly are believed to be probably the most protected roof tents that exist in the industry around the world, undoubtedly that you get the product which Autohome offers youpersonally, you’re going to be content having its own results.

These roof tents have been First invented in Italy in 1958, with the goal of equipping automobiles, always accompanying adventurers and trip fans, being among the safety services and products for folks when it comes to camp.

After such a Fantastic innovation, through the years, the concept has been made to put theaters or lounges onto the roof of the car, an idea that even today could be your invention for its adventurer and hiker.